About  Lemonbag  Web  Designs

"Lemonbag Web Designs are passionate about making the Web work for you and your Business!"

Lemonbag Web Designs pride themselves on taking the stress of creating a web presence away from our customers, we want you to have the time and enegy to put into your business and encourage you to leave the technical know-how and website mumbo jumbo up to us.

When you work with us, you will find that we live and breathe this business, not only making us knowledgeable but passionate about the process. We LOVE what we do.      (Health Warning: The passion is contagious!)

What We Offer

A responsive website that will work on ALL platforms and technology, including Mobiles, Tablets, traditional PCs and laptops.

A straight-forward and great working relationship with an honest, passionate and approachable web designer.

Affordability is parrallel to great design. Some corners cannot be cut to get a decent web presence but we aim to ensure that we can give you a valuable product at an affordable price.

100% Satisfaction: We'll will keep at it until you are totally happy with your site.

What We Won't do

We will not out-source your work abroad. Your website is build here, in the UK.

We will not complicate things with technical jargon and complexity. We keep things clear!

A huge unexpected bill! We manage costs with your interests at heart and communicate every step of the way.

A Website that you don't want. Your requirements will be received and actioned to the word. We will use our expertise to advise you where necessary but your decision is final.